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"Klinix provides an affordable solution for OHIP Billing from the smallest to largest practice. The software is very user-friendly, the technical support is outstanding and the price sure can't beat! We have been using Klinix since 2008 and we are very satisfied. There is no other company like this on the market. Thank you Klinix for all your support"

- Linda Vorano Administrative Assistant (Division of Genetics and Metabolics) The Hospital for Sick Children

I find it very reliable. The support is excellent, and the customer service representatives are friendly and helpful. I also find them to be amazingly knowledgeable considering the many jurisdictions that Klinix is covering. MSP has it's own rules and Klinix and the support team are able to assist where necessary. The software is intuitive, and I learned how to use it very quickly without needing any training sessions. I have recommended Klinix to a number of users , and will continue to do so in the future.

 - Hugh Mallach BC Billing Agent

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