Klinix Software was incorporated in 1997 in BC and began marketing MedMaster Software. In 2002 much of the OHIP medical software was DOS based and Klinix Software developed and released Klinix Assess medical scheduling and billing (which was a windows-based product) first in Ontario and then BC. Klinix is also one of the first OHIP software companies to send its software on a CD with a self installer and easy 1-2-3 setup instructions.


In 2010 Klinix again brought out innovation for OHIP billing when it made its auto installing software available for download and upgrade via the internet so that a customer could buy Klinix and install it and be up and billing within an hour - eliminating the need for costly in-clinic installations. Klinix then release auto update features that eliminated system upgrade downtime, and the need for additional labor costs during system upgrades. During that time Klinix also became a Microsoft GOLD certified partner with Microsoft reviewing Klinix code to become certified for Microsoft Windows designations. Klinix also added support staff throughout the years to ensure that as our customer base grew so did our support infrastructure. Klinix has experienced continued growth over the years not by buying other companies but by word-of-mouth, with 90% of new customers being referrals. Klinix Software currently has over one thousand locations using Klinix Assess in Ontario. These locations include billing agents, family medical physicians, emergency physicians, optometrists, massage therapists, and medical specialists.


Our latest offering, Klinix Cloud, is deployed on Microsoft Azure datacenters. It is the culmination of twenty-two years of medical software billing knowledge,  scheduling, compliance, customer feedback, analysis, and design expertise brought together in a single online platform. The Klinix Cloud offers the highest levels  of security with the most wide-ranging levels of accessibility (including Windows desktops, laptops, MacBook’s, iPad’s, iPhone’s, Android devices, and tablets) in 8 different languages. Cloud computing not only allows anytime, anywhere access to critical business applications, but also significantly
reduces overall hardware and IT costs for customers.














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