BC MSP Billing

BC MSP Billing
Billing the smarter way

Smarter way of billing in its simplest form

A few clicks on the software give you more than what you could ask for



One click MSP Teleplan Web Access connection

Easily readable comprehensive all-in-one BC MSP Teleplan billing screen

Bill multiple claims and services from one screen

Comprehensive claims log screen allows multiple detailed views of all your claims

Supports billing and claims submission for both single and multiple practitioner clinics

Accommodates all specialties or disciplines

Supports payment plans for MSP, ICBC, WCB and all private billing

Add custom service codes for private billing

Easily rebill adjusted and rejected claims

Integrated with appointment scheduler

Print or view Billing and Accounting Reports including all MSP Reports, detailed and summary billing reports

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual billing and accounting reports, and analysis of service reports

Practitioner summary reports, payment summary reports, claims paid, held, adjusted and rejected reports

BC MSP Billing, Bill, Teleplan




One click scheduler billing

Mark physicians' calendars to save patients appointments

Multiple or single practitioner view calendar only

Add a one time or recurring appointment and view them either per day or per week

Quickly find appointments booked per patient or find physician's available times

Create your scheduler template with custom working days, working hours, appointment time intervals, breaks and holidays

Easily customize appointment status and associate color codes

Print scheduler reports

Adds notes to appointments


Appointment Scheduler



Save patients profiles and instantly search using the intelligent search options
Ease in entering and updating patient information through the Card scan facility

One click patient billing history

Card reader integration with the patient profile

Supports label printing

Supports document scanning and storage on patients folder and referral letters too

Integrated with LifeLabs Lab Reports

Prescription Writing

Patients Profile BC MSP Billing

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I find it very reliable. The support is excellent, and the customer service representatives are friendly and helpful. I also find them to be amazingly knowledgeable considering the many jurisdictions that Klinix is covering. MSP has it's own rules and Klinix and the support team are able to assist where necessary. The software is intuitive, and I learned how to use it very quickly without needing any training sessions. I have recommended Klinix to a number of users , and will continue to do so in the future.

- Hugh Mallach BC Billing Agent