The Klinix Tele-Med Virtual Office

Secure Telehealth, Practice Management, and Electronic Health Records

PIPEDA and PHIPA Compliant

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Klinix Tele-Med Virtual Office

PHIPA and PIPEDA Compliant Streaming Video and Electronic Health Records

Klinix offers secure end to end encryption live streaming ‘telehealth’ video conferencing with audio recording and speech-to-text transcription capabilities. Our video streaming service is fully integrated into the patient visit, so physicians can send and receive supporting documents and images and capture those attachments as part of the patient record. Send links to patient fill-able forms, documents, and resources, and be sure that these files are transferred securely and in a compliant way. Enter and electronically fax all patient prescriptions directly to the pharmacy then enter the service and diagnostic codes to bill directly or pass them to your MOA or billing team. Securely capture all aspects of the patient encounter in one place to ensure a full patient history is always accessible and available for the next visit, either in-clinic or on the go.

Why Tele-Med Virtual Office

  • Telemedicine Capabilities
  • Lower overall IT Costs
  • Security, Reliability, and Availability
  • Cloud Data Storage and Automated Backups
  • Scalability of Service
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Speed, Ease of use, and Interoperability
  • No data export fees
  • Free data import for existing Klinix Assess customers

Intrinsic Security

Built on top of bank-grade encryption, the Klinix Cloud provides system-wide security features which support user-configurable multi-role access control for all workflows and reports. Access control can be managed per account, using both high-level system grant permissions as well as role-based security. Each customer receives their own isolated database for additional security and custom sub-domain name.

Eliminate Your IT, Server and Backup Costs

Eliminate your server purchases, licensing, maintenance and downtime costs of an office server because you don’t need one. You do away with worry, costs, time and data losses and work stoppages resultant of hardware damage, theft, loss and viruses. Hardware and software upgrades are fully managed by Klinix staff, reducing your local IT support and hardware costs. You use any combination of hardware computers, laptops, phones and pad devices you and your staff feel comfortable with. We've deployed an 8 server, highly available (financially backed 99.9% up-time), PHIPA-compliant hardware configuration. Built-in redundancy ensures your data is safe and available whenever your need it. All security updates, system upgrades, and backups are fully automated (and seamless).

PHIPA and PIPEDA Compliant Cloud Security

On top of bank-grade end to end encryption and advanced denial of service protection, the Klinix Cloud provides system-wide security features supporting user-configurable multi-role access control for all work flows and reports. Access control can be managed per account, using both high-level system-grant permissions as well as role-based security. Each customer receives their own custom sub-domain name and isolated database for additional security, and your data never leaves our Canadian-based data centers to ensure PHIPA and PIPEDA compliance. Unlike other video streaming services that may route your video stream outside of Canada, also runs our own video conferencing relay servers to keep ensure all remote patient visits are compliant.

Fast Data and Easy to Use, On Any Device

The Klinix Cloud is an integrated browser-based, video-enabled, health claims management, scheduling, messaging, and electronic health records all-in-one solution. We support all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, iOS, Android) and all major mobile devices and tablets. You're able to access your data from anywhere in the world giving you unparalleled flexibility to use the software whenever and wherever you chose. Every screen is similarly designed to facilitate a highly informative and delightful user experience on mobile, table, or desktop. Local power outages are no problem, switch to any mobile network (Bell, Fido, Telus, Rogers, Kudo, etc.) to keep your business running until your local power is restored.

Any modern web browser is all that is required (Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Android Browser etc.) to use the application anywhere, anytime.

Minimalist Designed User Interface

Designed from the ground up as a browser-based web application, the Klinix Cloud interface is designed with a minimalist approach based on 22 years experience working directly with Canadian practitioners and billing agents. The screens designed to reduce eye strain are easy to look at and understand. The interface has a universal look throughout, with search and discovery functionality built into all major work flows. The layout automatically adjusts based on the type of device used, and functions with the same level of ease regardless of screen size (desktop, tablet, or phone). The application is also touch and swipe enabled, allowing tablet and phone users to navigate through any work flow with ease.

Virtual Scheduling and Clinic Designed Work Flows

Schedule, waitlist, and triage patient visits from online or in-clinic. Send patient intake and pre appointment forms to patients, then import responses directly into the patient record to reduce documentation requirements and capture patient baseline symptoms and complaints. Send SMS or email appointment reminders to reduce late and missed appointments. Customizable appointment types allow you seamlessly transition from scheduling into the patient encounter to streamline your clinics efficiency. Manage and track patient flow throughout your clinic in real time.

Instant Chat and Document Sharing

Secure clinic-wide chat (both remote and in-clinic) allows everyone to see who is online in your clinic to send and receive instant messages and file attachments. Send messages and documents for offline users to receive when they are online.

Better Manage Patient Expectations and Communications

Klinix Communications helps you engage and manage your patient’s expectations and outcomes through improved patient communications. Use our forms creator to create any kind of electronic form for use in the patient encounter. Create patient grouped emailing lists targeted to resource links, blogs, and patient landing pages. Manage your inpatient workflow with customized intake, visit and follow-up forms custom designed to suit your practice. Track patient and patient group communication efficacy. Actively engage your patients, grouped by age, sex, illness, allergies, or any number of other demographic attributes.

Over 1000 EMR Electronic Forms and Requisitions fully supports all Oscar EMR community-created forms (including lab requisitions, calculators, referral forms etc). All forms are integrated into the patient visit, making it easy to attach and use forms in the patient record. Keep track of all of your patient documentation in one place. Dragon medical transcription integration is also supported via browser plugins.

OHIP Claims and Billing

Klinix has implemented the full specification as defined in the Ontario Technical Specifications Interface to Health Care Systems including (but not limited to):

  • services requiring diagnostic codes
  • fee schedule code relationships
  • suffix B/C exceptions
  • specialized submissions
  • diagnostic services fee codes that require the HIP service location indicator codes
  • valid payment program/payee combinations
  • workplace safety and insurance board (WSIB) exclusions

Klinix is fully integrated and approved for use with the Ontario HCV (health card validation) and MC EDT (billing) systems. Our billing interface allows multiple template configurations to be defined and used. This feature is useful when group billing, as custom configurations can be quickly defined and re-used when creating new claim batches. All claim batches are electronically submitted using the MC EDT system and all remittance advice reports are automatically downloaded and parsed, ready for reconciliation on demand.

The Scheduler and EMR are fully integrated into the billing function, and when application features are fully leveraged OHIP claims can be submitted automatically. The Klinix Cloud also supports real-time health card validation and overnight batch eligibility checking (OBEC).

The Klinix Cloud ‘Batch Builder’ features multiple batch tabs for each physician, specialty, and location. Billing rules for all service codes are displayed automatically on-screen, and both service and diagnostic codes support full-text search. There’s no need to lookup codes on a separate page, everything needed to create a batch is available from within the Batch Builder.

Rejected claims are both time consuming and costly, so we created a 'Batch Validator' which allows you to pre-test the batch for known validation errors prior to submission. The validator shows you which claims are likely to result in rejections and provides OHIP notes and explanations why.

We will have every provinces Billing codes and ICD codes in Klinix and if you like you can enter in your billing and then bill with your provincial billing software or pass to your biller and have them enter in your provincial billing.

*Direct billing is currently available in Ontario only.

User Multi-Language Capability currently supports the following languages:

  • English
  • French Canadian
  • French
  • Mexican
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Chinese (Hong Kong)
  • Pilipino
  • Hindi
  • Russian

Tell us if you want another language and we will add it for you. Language support is user-specific, each person with access to your portal may use the language of their preference.

Provincial Integration

The Klinix Cloud is a step forward for the healthcare ecosystem in Canada. We have approved production keys and complete integration with the MC EDT/EBS provincial billing and health card validation system. This MC EDT/EBS integration provides direct submission, auto-reconciliation, and real-time health card validation functionality as a free, value-added feature for all our monthly subscribers in Ontario. We’re also actively engaged with the BC (MSP) and Alberta (HLINK), RAMQ conformance teams, and we will add the other provincial billing submission to complete our goal of providing full tele video visit, scheduling, billing and EMR services to all Canadian doctors. Please contact us to discuss your specific provincial needs.

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Retiring or Closing Practice Storage

Decrease your closing practice costs with our read and print only, digital document storage retrieval plan. Your clinic data is digitally sealed, yet you have 24/7 access to your data whenever you need it. Secure PHIDA and PIPEDA compliant digital storage, fast retrieval and document delivery while you eliminate physical storage costs and make your document retrieval a breeze.

Pricing and Comprehensive Features

Monthly Plans and Features

Simple and cost-effective flat-rate, monthly pricing designed to save you money, all our monthly plans include:

  • Unlimited claims submission.
  • 9% guaranteed up time.
  • Real-time health card validation (linking your valid Ontario GO-Secure credentials is required to access the Ontario Electronic Business Services (EBS) feature).
  • Direct Billing (e-submission directly to the Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer (MCEDT) Service using your GO-Secure credentials).
  • Over 60, customizable Billing, Scheduling and EMR reports.
  • Daily backups.
  • Customizable pricing.
  • Fax plan availability.
  • SMS Messaging plan availability.
  • Telehealth video conferencing availability
  • Bring your data with you, our support team can assist you with migrating your data from most Canadian EMR vendors.