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KLINIXCare is for everyone, designed for beginners, seniors, none technical people and anyone who needs computer help. KLINIXCare will see your computer live and provide immediate assistance to you. KLINIXCare support saves you time and money. KLINIXCare patient and understanding staff delivers knowledgeable and expert technical support providing you with answers to all your computer related questions.
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KLINIXCare Computer Support
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Install Microsoft applications and other applications, upgrade/Setup new computers, install essential security software and patches to keep your computer safe

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Update necessary applications, optimize computer performance, remove unnecessary programs and/or temporary files, help transfer files, personal settings, and system preferences to a new computer, recommend steps to ensure top computer performance

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Browser and Email

Setup your email using any web service such as Yahoo or Gmail, Add email signatures, create contacts, troubleshoot email program; enhance browser security and troubleshoot browser options

9333116 - computer security shield

Virus and spyware removal

Scan computer for spyware, adware or for internet threat, uncover and resolve Operating System issues and educate customer on preventing virus and spywares

21217252 - transferring documents or data to a cloud network server.

Cloud storage

Setup account on a secure cloud storage service, backup photos, videos, and files through the cloud storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive, download files from your cloud storage

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Printer settings

Install printers and set proper printer settings to help you print your files properly

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Smart phones and cameras

Connect your smart phones to your computer and transfer images, music, videos and/or documents

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Computer Performance

Diagnose and identify issues that affect computer performance; fine-tune system parameters to improve speed and reliability; assess and ensure comprehensive protection and security

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