What is Klinix Cloud?

Cloud Architecture Built from the Ground Up

The Klinix Cloud has been designed from the ground up as a browser-based web application architected using the latest Ontario EMR data schema. All billing, scheduling, and EMR data can be imported and exported into any Ontario EMR compliant software.


The Klinix Cloud is deployed on the Microsoft Azure SOC 2-compliant cloud infrastructure which provides unlimited computing and storage capabilities. But Klinix Cloud hardware and software is fully managed by Klinix staff, reducing your local IT support and hardware costs. The Klinix Cloud provides access to your data on any Windows, Apple, Linux, desktop, laptop, tablet or phone from anywhere in the world giving you unparalleled flexibility to use the software whenever and wherever you want.

Explore the features of Klinix Cloud

Simple and Intuitive User Interface


The Klinix Cloud interface is designed with a minimalist approach based on 22 years experience working directly with Canadian practitioners and billing agents. The primary workflows are easy to look at and understand, and designed to reduce eye strain. The interface has a universal look throughout, with easily accessibly search and discovery functionality built directly into most workflows. The layout automatically adjusts based on the type of device used, and functions with the same level of ease regardless of screen size (desktop, tablet, or phone). The application is also touch and swipe enabled, allowing tablet and phone users to navigate through primary workflows with ease.

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Multiple level of encryption is applied to your data when sent between your device and our servers (in the same way as your banking information would be). Each customer receives a dedicated database which holds only their data. This level of isolation differs from many other cloud solutions, who often store all customer data in a single database.

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Intrinsic Network, Billing and Reporting Security


Built on top of bank-grade encryption, the Klinix Cloud provides system-wide security features which support user-configurable multi-role access control for all workflows and reports. Access control is granular down to the record level, meaning access can be granted to individual users, groups, and roles for every database record. Audit trails for each claim edit/modification provides full visibility into who accessed what and when.


Multi-Language Support


We currently support the following languages:
• English
• French Canadian
• French
• Mexican
• Spanish
• German
• Chinese
• Chinese Hong Kong
• Pilipino
• Hindi
• Russian

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Supported Devices


Klinix Cloud is a browser-based billing, scheduling, and EMR application. We support all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and all major mobile devices and tablets. Any modern web browser is all that is required (Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Android Browser etc.) to use the application anywhere, anytime.

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Billing and Billing Templates


Klinix has implemented the full specification as defined in the Ontario Technical Specifications Interface to Health Care Systems. Klinix is fully integrated and approved for use with the Ontario HCV (health card validation) and MC EDT (billing) systems. Our billing interface allows multiple template configurations to be defined and used. This feature is useful when group billing, as custom configurations can be quickly defined and re-used when creating new claim batches. All claim batches are electronically submitted using the MC EDT system and all remittance advice reports are automatically downloaded and parsed, ready for reconciliation on demand.

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Additional Capabilities


The Klinix Cloud has many additional features and capabilities beyond billing:

  • An inventory management system that allows users to bill for products and services in addition to OHIP claims
  • Revenue sharing percentage calculations customizable based on professional partner agreements
  • Online appointment booking and SMS reminder system
  • Staff/HR scheduling.
  • Campaign emailing system which can be used to broadcast messages directly to patient groups.
  • Integration with DocuSign for digitally signing legally binding forms and agreements.
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Cutting edge cloud-based version of your Klinix Software now available so you can do your business anywhere and anytime you want.

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