OHIP Billing

Straightforward way to do billing

Store your patients demographics and pull them up easily on demand

Process that batch file compatible with MC EDT in just a few clicks



Can be used by solo practitioners, multiple physicians or health organizations

Bill your patients intuitively using an easy to use system

Process your claims into a batch file that is compatible with MC EDT

Reconciles claims automatically after loading your Remittance advice file

Supports different payment plans such as HCP, RMB, WCB, or even private billing

Provides various billing reports such as billing summary, EDT reports, daily billing, etc.

Create claims using default codes set on the clinic staff information

Supports billing multi-day claims which allows you to bill the same code on multiple days

Easy readable comprehensive all in one OHIP billing screen

Bill multiple claims in one screen

Comprehensive claims log screen allows multiple detailed views of all your claims

Supports billing and claims submission for both single and multiple practitioner clinics

Accommodates all specialties and disciplines

Add custom service codes for private billing

Appointment Scheduler integrated billing

Daily, weekly, monthly, annual billing and  accounting, and analysis of service reports

OHIP Billing, Claims, Batch



One click scheduler billing

Mark physicians' calendars to save patients appointments

Multiple or single practitioner view calendar only

Add a one time or recurring appointment and view them either per day or per week

Quickly find appointments booked per patient or find physician's available times

Create your scheduler template with custom working days, working hours, appointment time intervals, breaks and holidays

Easily customize appointment status and associate color codes

Print scheduler reports

Adds notes to appointments


Appointment Scheduler



Scan patients' card or type demographics manually either on a tabular layout or on a form

Instantly find patients using intelligent search features

Print labels, directory or patient profile

Scan documents and associate it to a specific patient record to support paperless system

Save referral letters and print them for later use

Print patient account summary report

Integrated with LifeLabs Lab Reports

Prescription Writing

Patients Profile, Save Patients records, Patients Demographics

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